Monday, January 25, 2010

World Islamic Empire, The most Vibrant Empire of the World


Today Muslim Countries are attacked from all side... that can do no harm, no drone attack, no missile can change our "Believe"

But the real Drone attack on Muslims is the non stop indian movies and shows on various pakistani TV channels.....

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Warned Muslim Countries in 1946 during the First O.I.C. Conference in Cairo, Egypt

"There will be menace of a Hindu Imperialist Raj Spreading its Tentacles right across the Middle East - The Whole of Middle East could be falling from frying pan into FIRE "

"Sandwiched and Slaved by Corporate Imperialist Jews and Hindus "

"This mind Boggling - Un-Stoppable ISLAMOPHOBIA Propaganda against Muslims is not going on without a REASON "

Because it has the capacity to change our believes and life's vision....

specially Muslim children are learning more and more about indian songs and forgetting their own Religion and values.....

and Muslims are ashamed of their own success against the "Real Enemy" Forces Against Islam....

>>> Where are our True Heroes <<< (((((((((( Role Models ))))))))))

Hazrat Omar (R.A.) greatest Caliph of Islamic Empire, used to take a Nap in afternoon in the Graveyard with using Brick as a pillow - whom the "Religion Islam will Thank on the Judgement Day for Strengthening and Securing Islam "

Muhammad Bin Qasim -- only 17 yrs old when Conquered India

Whoever you wanna kill just brand him or her as Terrorist.....

Muslims who in fact hate Islam taking it as obstruction to extra wealth, private profits and special gains from non-Muslim world.

Now the all Western (American, European, Jewish, Indian) hidden agendas are becoming clear to the world.

and Believe me they will not stop until they make all Muslims, every muslim country Slave and miserable ........

the Muslim media specially -- Irani Lobby Pakistani media -- are coerced to make Muslims turn against Islam.

for making more extra profits at the cost of Muslim Genocide.

-- Irani Lobby Pakistani media -- make the world believe Islam is a problem for the world and hence Pakistanis should follow (cast, hate) driven indian values by showing Non Stop Indian Movies, Songs 24/7

---- Remember How 70,000 Jews from >> IRAN << will follow Dajjal (Anti-Christ) before the Judgement Day ----

Iran is getting all the Benefits and Sweet Deals from Jewish Lobby and USA + EU ---- iraq was given on a Silver plate to Iran by USA + Jews +EU

Afghanistan was given as a gift to Iran

Now So called Revolutions in Muslim Countries --- AGAIN they are installing Irani Lobby Governments and

Crypto Jews (Jews who secretly practice their own Religion but Advertise that they are Christians or Muslims-- Their disguise is so great as to fool the most Clever person ) in Muslim Countries ---

-- Irani Lobby Pakistani media -- fails to consider... why thousands of muslims are burn, cut, hang and kill innocent 2 year old children, and pregnant mother and their unborn child by Hindus in India....(2002 Muslim Massacre in Gujrat, India)

--may be Coward Hindus became Bold by 9/11 and Islamophobia Propaganda afterwards --

while in Pakistan's 60 yr history not a single hindu is killed in this manner....

even after numerous Muslim Massacres in India, in kashmir for the last 60 yrs

This is prove enough that Islam and Muslim countries have given save shelter to other religious groups and its minorities....

Muslims are crying about USA + EU Imperialism ----

These Western Countries are already gone -- Bankrupted --- Bailout ---HIV + Aids - Vanished

Wait till you See Hindu Imperialism, Irani (Crypto Jews) Imperialism in Muslim Countries -- oh sorry Irani Revolutions are already happening in Muslim Countries -- cuz they have a Secret Dictatorship of TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines infact all Mass Media is controlled by Irani Lobby in the Muslim Countries ---

did any body Notice the Similarity between Jewish prayers and Irani prayers

how Jewish sit around their Preacher and Cry and beat their head during the Religious Sermon

Irani Lobby does the same during the month of Moharram ---

how Jews Bang their HEAD against the Wall in Jerusalem

how Irani Lobby do the same during month of Moharram

There are Striking Similarities between how Jews Altered their Religion to fulfill their false Worldly pleasures

and How Irani Lobby is Trying to Alter Islam to make extra profits from Non-Muslims during these difficult times on Muslims

These Deadly Bombing on Muslim Children is Never shown by the Irani Lobby Media (TV channels ) in Muslim Countries I wonder why ????

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