Monday, January 18, 2010

-- Phiraonic Rulling Class of Pakistan --


if you Read Quran... todays pakistan fits right where the Bani Israel were at the time of Hazrat Mussa A. S.

i dont remember the exact ayat number, in Surat Bani Israel, summary of those Ayats is

"When Allah tends to destroy people, he gives power to the super rich among those people, and those super rich creates disturbance and fitna in the nation until Allah (S.W.T.) destroy that nation"

you tell me, dont Muslim Leaders fit on these Ayats of Surat Bani Israel,

"if you remember any other Ayats about how Allah destroys people, pls. share here.."
may be we can pick out how many countries are going down

ordinary pakistani has become a slave for the Rulling Class... paying for their corruption ...

doesnt matter if Mr. ABC comes, or Martial law comes, or American imported PM comes

things gets worse here.... ordinary pakistanis troubles have increased for the last 60 years, and it keep getting worse,

all official of pakistan are promoting indian values inside pakistan through various channels, specially through media; more than 6 different channels showing non stop indian Pamela Anderson(pornstar) type Heroins movies and songs)

ordinary pakistani citizens are left to pay for corruption through Electricity bills when there is no Electricity , Gas bills, patrol prices, and Atta prices, Rotee, bread....

all these things are more expensive in pakistan then any of our neighboring countries

bundar bant of pakistan….. keep it in the family …. ….

mullahs of pakistan are the worst…. they sell RELIGION to please Army and Politicians….

they only remember their religion when backed by American Dollars....

add Chief Justice and his gang of Lawyers.... worst form of evil...

when the poor are suffering in jail for 10, 20 yrs for the crimes they didn't commit .... this Chief Justice and his gang are issuing verdict on Army and high level bureaucrats ....

if this chief justice was sincere in solving pakistan's problems... he would have taken those cases in which the poor pakistanis are suffering in jails for the crimes they didnt commit....

these lawyers when you talk to them, they wont even fight your case unless u give them huge amount of money.... to decorate their million dollar offices.... and this gang is trying to show that they are fking victims.... bullshit...


  1. Nadia: thats so true, i like your article alot.

  2. Ok, I remember another one.

    People of Hazrat Shoiab A. S. they used to deny Allah warnings, and they did not used the proper weights when customers purchased items from them.

    and give their customers less then what the customer actually paid for.

    in simple words Businessmen who steal from his customers, and make illegal, extra profit.

    and people of Shoiab A. S. used to spread fitna in the country.

    "So this one fits on Pakistani Businessman" also.

  3. I remember one Ayat in Surah Al-Qasus, i think its ayat # 89

    in this Ayat. Allah mentioned about how many people were destroyed who were proud of their Luxuries.

    You guys decide which people fits in this Ayat.